REMEMBER:  by default the 11g database has case sensitive passwords.  If you are having issues with your Reports Server connecting to the 11g database have your DBA change the password case sensitive parameter (SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON) to "FALSE". 
Edit the webutiljpi.html file (or basejpi.html file if you are not using webutil).  Modify the <HEAD> tag to include:   <link rel="SHORTCuT ICON" href="../forms/files/myFILE.ico"> 

** myFile.ico is the name of your icon file.  Place the myFile.ico file in the directory on the server where your /forms/files virtual path is pointing to.

In my case, I have a virtual path /forms/files pointing to c:\temp.  Therefore, myFile.ico is in the c:\temp directory.   The virtual paths are set in the forms.conf file.
Recevied REP:66023 error on application server on 64bit windows server when running a report with an image. To resolve this issue go to the Server (Application Server) and create a new registry string entry in the Oracle Application Server Wow6432Node, Oracle, Key_oracleas1, REPORTS_DEFAULT_DISPLAY  and set it to no
Add the following registry string value entry to your Oracle forms key:   REPORTS_JPEG_QUALITY_FACTOR  provide a setting between 0 and 100.  I chose 50.  The default is 100.  Oracle suggests 75.

My report contained 12 images.  Adding this entry with a value of 25 took my 24mb file down to 1mb and the images were still very good.  It will depend on your image resolution and original compression, as to how far you can decrease the quality factor.